Neill Gorton's Prosthetic Studio

Niell Gorton's 7 week course in makeup fx and prosthetics

Prosaide Transfer.
Fresh out of the mould, Silicone cheek appliance.
Applied on face and artworked.
Final Shot of cheek appliance.
Portrait sculpt.
Lifecast in progress for final project.
Lifecast in Plaster.
Plaster base and sealed with shellac.
Clay wall built, laquered and waxed then a layer of gel coat.
Back fibreglassed then propped sideways when cured. Face coated in layers of silicone, Keys put in and dovetails cut round the edge. Shim wall down the centre and strengthened with plaster bandage.
First half fibreglassed.
Fibreglass Positive before cleaning up.
Sheet wax for consistant thickness around head.
Melted Plastelene painted on.
Temporary tentacles for placement purposes.
Nearly finished.
Fibreglassing in Progress.
Silicone Pullover out of fibrglass mould.
Artworked with silicone paints.
Head applied, upper lip application in progress.
Tentacles on and ready for photos.
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